The idea of Saava Studio was born in the fall of 2019. Together with three of my friends (all female business owners!) I spent a few inspiring days in the landscape of Kuusamo in Northern Finland.

In a cosy cottage in the snowed-in forest, during a fireside painting workshop, an idea was born. An idea of natural materials and surfaces imitating nature. Everything around us was full of inspiration: tall cliffs with almost geometric patterns, majestic trees with textured bark, the chilly waters of the river and the iced-over lakes, the cloudy skies of Kuusamo.

A product inspired by nature had to pay its respect to its source. I knew from the get-go that my surfaces would be made from natural materials without toxins or synthetics, be vegan and biodegradable. After monthlong tests, I created a product that was contemporary and user-friendly, made from breathable paints on organic cotton canvas.

While my journey experimenting with new ways of creating sustainable styling surfaces and backdrops will never be over, I am proud to present to you my first collections of Saava styling surfaces now. I can't wait to see what you'll use them for!



Saava Studio styling surfaces are plastic-free and non-toxic. Every single one is a unique piece handmade with artistic vision. I have designed Saava surfaces to be used anywhere and everywhere. Easy to roll up and transport to your shoot location, whether that is in your office, your living room, library or the nearest park - you can set up your little studio anywhere.

In order to create the best product possible, most suitable to your needs, I want to work closely with content creators, stylists, photographers and small business owners, and I love to connect with you on Instagram. Send me your feedback and your wishes for new color tones and textures, and I'll be happy to take them into account for upcoming collections.

xx MP