Latte L 88x118 cm

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  • In order for you to enjoy your Saava styling surface for as long as possible, please read through the care instructions below.

    Store your surface in the container it comes with, rolled up as loosely as possible. Your surface is rollable, but it is best not to fold it.

    If your mat creases or wrinkles, it is possible to carefully iron it from the unpainted side. Please note that the styling surface contains a small amount of natural wax which can soften while you iron the surface. Lay your styling surface flat on even ground, like your floor or a table, and use baking paper or some natural fabric underneath so the wax won’t stain the table/floor.

    If needed, you can wipe your surface clean with a damp cloth. Since the materials used are all natural, the surface is technically food-safe, but some foods may leave lasting stains on the surface.